Training Program for English Language Teachers

The Department of English Language and Literature at Bedër University College, in cooperation with the Regional Education Directorate of Tirana, developed a Trainings Program for English language teachers of the 9th and middle school of the capital.

Head of Department, Dr.Isa Erbas, in the opening of the training thanked the participants for beeing part of this training and stressed the importance of having such trainings for teachers, as their role is very important in educating younger generations.

"This is the second year that our department conducts trainings for English teachers, knowing the importance of adopting new teaching methods," he said.

Mrs. Fozilet Simoni, curricula specialist and quality for foreign languages ​​at DAR Tirana, during her speech expressed the importance of playing such trainings in the further development of professional skills for English language teachers. She praised the "Bedër" University College for organizing such trainings for the second consecutive year.

The panel of referrers consisted of Fozilet Simoni, Prof. Asoc. Dr. Tidita Abdurrahmani, Elsa Lici and Dr. William K. Martin, who addressed the following topics: "Student Learning Evaluation", "Digital Learning Reading" and "How to be a Teacher good".

The Department of English Language and Literature organizes activities of such nature for some time, as a good opportunity for the continuous formation of teachers.