EU Integration Process in Albania and Region: Role of the CSO's

The next guest of the "Bedër Law Students Association" student club within the "Brownbag Seminars" was the Executive Director of the European Movement in Albania, Mr. Gledis Gjipali. In a conversation with law students, Mr. Gjipali outlined some of the legal elements that prevent Albania from becoming part of the European Union.

"We have moved forward, despite the ups and downs we have had, the achievement of being ready for integration is a process that is being wiped out," added, among other things, Mr. Gledis Gjipali. He also stressed that engagement and search for the right by Albanian citizens is very important for the progress of our country.

Starting from the interest of the students of justice, EMA Director explained the elements with which his organization assisted in the process of EU integration by promoting democratic values ​​during the policy-making process.

At the end of the meeting, students shared their opinions and asked questions about the integration process.