Brownbag Seminars "The Impact of Reform in Justice"

Within the framework of "Brownbag Seminars", Mr. Lavdrim Lita, a representative of the civil society, was invited by the students of "Bedër Law Academy" club to an open lecture, where he shared his views on the topic "The Impact of the Justice Reform".

During the conversation, Mr. Lita made a general analysis of the historical evolution of the justice system in Albania, starting from 1912 to the present days. He focused particularly on explaining the periods under which reforms in justice were being implemented by addressing the innovations that have brought about the organization and functioning of the Albanian state.

Among other things, he highlighted the great importance of justice reform in the political, economic and social aspect. In addition, he highlighted and analyzed the great role that played and will play civil society in preparing justice reform in our country and in its implementation.

The activity continued with multiple questions from students and attendees about the impact that has been reported in justice in different spheres of life.