"Student and profession" - Invited Desada Metaj

Within the seminar "Student and profession", the Department of Communication Sciences had today invited the editor-in-chief of the "Opinion" TV-Klan, Desada Metaj.

During the conversation with the students Ms. Metaj shared her field reporting experiences as well as the challenges of the journalist's profession. Starting from the curiosity of the students, the editor-in-chief of "Opinion" showed a common day of organizing the political program much followed by Albanians.

Focusing on the passion that a journalist has for his profession and the difficult moments during fieldwork, the editor of the "Opinion" editorial board shared with the students the moments he had experienced during the reporting by Belgrade on the day of the declaration of Independence of Kosovo. Students were interested in issues related to journalists' relationship with politics and the challenges that present-day journalism has with regard to technological developments.

At the end of the seminar, students had the opportunity to ask different questions about the journalist's profession, the field's challenges and the self-censorship of young journalists. For her part, Mrs. Metaj encouraged students to be persistent in their future profession by building a close relationship with the truth and the public's interest.